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Brexit: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A couple of months can seem like a long time for a PR professional but the future can come around quickly when it relates to planning for risk.

Brexit is a hot topic for both the British and international press following David Cameron’s announcement that June 23 will be when we decide to stay or leave the European Union.

Organisations need to consider the reality of a Brexit and manage and plan for this as a risk, especially if it may affect how you operate as a business.

Of course risk is considered by many as something unpleasant, relating to injury or loss, but in the face of this it can also be seen as an opportunity and with a clear communications plan organisations can seize and manage the associated risks.

Communication is important when dealing with risk as it provides a genuine two-way process which can help prevent crises, lead to better decisions, ensure smoother implementation of policies, enpower and reassure the public and build trust with stakeholders.

Increasingly, the media is asking for the position of companies and individuals on Brexit and it is easy to become transfixed with the present debate.

Before you jump into this clash of opinions and begin communicating with the public you should carefully consider your organisation’s position.

There are many uncertainties around what a Brexit might mean for this country and how relationships might foster in the event. In the meantime we should be considering how relationships may be affected externally, how this might affect the internal nature of your business and the overall cost it may have on your business.

By continuing to engage throughout the process and understanding the varied implications we can take this opportunity to plan and in so doing be prepared to effectively communicate in the future.

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