HCA visits Wolverhampton housing development - 8848

HCA visits Wolverhampton housing development


Representatives from the government’s Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) have visited a former Wolverhampton Council site which is being developed to provide new homes.

Broadleaf Gardens is a 2.45 acre plot on the site of the former Penn Fields Special School in Bradmore being developed by Midlands’ property specialists Tatton Hall Homes.

Richard Carroll, Operations Director at Tatton Hall Homes, said: “This is an important development in Wolverhampton as it is the only one of its kind in the region accessing funding from  the private sector and government backed finance.

“The development has been funded from two sources: a former funding programme from the government’s Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) now known as the Home Building Fund, and the Housing Growth Partnership, a joint venture between the HCA and Lloyds Banking Group.”

The recently launched Home Building Fund offers finance to small and medium sized builders and custom builders to enable them to grow their business while providing much needed new homes.

Given such a unique proposition, Tatton Hall Homes was keen to work with a legal partner that could offer the breadth of skills and experience to meet the range of issues they faced in trying to work towards a successful completion of the development.

Claire Hamlin, a member of Commercial Property team at Higgs & Sons, said: “Being able to provide support across a range of specialisms from planning through to corporate banking, helped to progress the application.

“There were several challenges in meeting the particular requirements of the funding application process, but being able to bring in expertise across all aspects of the development was key to its success.

“Acting in partnership enabled us to develop a framework which will provide a model of working to support Tatton Hall Homes’ growth long into the future.”

Carl Tatton, Managing Director of Tatton Hall Homes , is proud that this latest development is a truly local affair.

“We are very much a Midlands organisation. Our workforce is locally based and this is the second development we will be opening within the city of Wolverhampton this year.

“Broadleaf Gardens is already well on the way to completion, providing 37 properties to the Wolverhampton market, from four bedroom detached properties through to two bedroom flats. It also includes a specific development of affordable housing being offered to the community in partnership with the Wrekin Housing Trust. When completed Broadleaf Gardens will contribute towards Wolverhampton City Council’s target of 13,400 new homes in the city between 2006-2026”.

Alongside Claire Hamlin, the Higgs’ team was made up of Damian Beard and Geoff Kettle from the Corporate team who specialise in banking and funding matters while Dinah Patel, Higgs’ Planning and Highways expert, provided advice through the initial planning phases of the development.l-r Gurvinder Kehel (Higgs), Claire Hamlin (Higgs), Carl Tatton (Tatton Hall Homes), Geoff Kettle (Higgs), Richard Carroll (Tatton Hall Homes)