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Most complained about advert of 2016 is revealed…



It appears to be an advert that split the nation and one that certainly turned a few heads.

In at number one for the most complained about television advert of 2016 is Moneysupermarket – yes, you know the one, it has pole dancing builders and twerking businessmen in tight shorts and stilettos!

According to The Mirror, the Advertising Standards Authority reported that those controversial and explicit dance moves caused 1,000  people to complain as they found it “overtly sexual” and unsuitable viewing for children.

The “strutters versus builders” style advert took stereotypical businessmen and builders and portrayed them in a way to juxtapose with viewers expectations. Some viewers complained the adverts were too sexual and distasteful. On the other hand, the advert created memorable content with potential underlying interpretations to be had – moneysupermarket surpasses expectations.

Bringing up the rear (pardon the pun) in second and third place is moneysupermarkets’ spinoff adverts featuring various takes on builders and businessmen showing off their hip-hop dance trends to classic dance anthems.

Interestingly, according to the Advertising Standards Authority, usually adverts are amended due to them being misleading but this year, not one of the top 10 most complained about was deemed misleading in any way.

So is this a case of political correctness gone too far, or perhaps it is simply a case of intentional controversy to get people talking about ‘that moneysupermarket advert’.

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