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Birmingham bear set to be the world’s most hygienic sculpture

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One of The Big Sleuth corporate sponsors, Biomaster, has added a unique twist to their ‘Bear Necessities’ bear.

‘Bear Necessities’ which was designed and brought to life by artist Anne-Marie Byrne, will have a unique antimicrobial coating to make it the first sculpture in the UK to have a truly hygienic finish.

In order to create a first of its kind, Biomaster technology has been incorporated into the varnish by Urban Hygiene to coat the 165cm-tall bear.

Biomaster inhibits the growth of bacteria so that when microbes come into contact with a Biomaster protected surface, they can’t grow, produce energy or replicate, therefore they die.

The protection is completely safe, it works 24/7 and doesn’t wear off or affect the basic colour or surface finish of any product to which it is added.

Simon Baugh, director of marketing at Biomaster, said: “We are really pleased to be supporting Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity’s The Big Sleuth trail.

“Our artist, Anne Marie Byrne’s design, The Bear Necessities, is an ideal platform from which to educate people about good and bad bacteria and the need for effective hygiene practices in the home, at work, in schools and hospitals to avoid the bad ones.

“Biomaster can be so easily added to products and surfaces in high risk areas to provide permanent antimicrobial protection and in this case Biomaster Bear will be the cleanest bear on the trail.”

Sally-Ann Wilkinson, director of Wild in Art, said: “The Big Sleuth art trail aims to bring together businesses with the creative community and so were delighted that Biomaster has made this a reality by not only sponsoring a bear sculpture, but by also integrating their unique antimicrobial technology with Anne-Marie’s bear-utiful artwork. We’re looking forward to showcasing ‘the world’s most hygienic sculpture’ this summer!”

Elinor Eustace, deputy director of fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, said: “The Big Sleuth is incredibly important to us as we know it will encourage residents and tourists to get active and enjoy being outdoors – whether they decide to walk, jog, run or cycle the trail. We are absolutely delighted to have Biomaster involved, as thanks to them and our other corporate partners we will ultimately be able to fund some important projects for the children and young people at our hospital and for that we’re immensely grateful.”

The Biomaster bear will be on display in Cathedral Square from Monday 10th July for ten weeks.

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