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Create a lasting impression with your direct mail marketing

In a time where digital is at the forefront, traditional direct marketing methods can often get over shadowed. And whilst electronic delivery of marketing material is not to be dismissed, direct mail marketing can provide the perfect way to get your business noticed and remembered! It is a real opportunity to get your creative thinking cap on and come up with some innovative ideas that reveal the values, expertise and voice of your business.

Here, we take the time to look at some of our favourite direct mail marketing material and some hot off the shelf ways to advertise your business.

World Water Day

An advertising agency in Belgium sent out a message on a postcard with a difference to mark World Water Day. The card was unique as the message could only be read when placed under water. It emphasised the importance of water and conveyed the underlying message that ‘water really is the source of all knowledge’.

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With the slogan ‘Go Anywhere. Do Anything.’, Jeep is a brand that links itself to adventure and what better way to reach fans of Jeeps and appeal to their hunger for adventure than with an object often associated with extreme sport, a carabiner.

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IKEA created what initially looks like quite a bland mailer. However when the recipient opens this a pop up bedroom is created. The element of surprise is sure to make a lasting impression and offers a visual of their prospective new bedroom.

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Who doesn’t love a free chocolate bar!? Nestle sent out a mailer made to look like the postman was unable to deliver a parcel. Rather than it stating the package couldn’t be delivered, it said that the item, a KitKat Chunky, was too ‘chunky’ to fit through the letterbox. Recipients were able to exchange the mailer for a free KitKat Chunky chocolate bar.

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Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum produced a series of mailers to really feed the imagination. The mailer tapped into people’s silly sides and brought an element of fun to something that can often be interpreted as a serious environment, a museum.

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Earth hour

These uniquely packaged candles were designed to raise awareness about the energy we waste when we leave our lights on overnight.  As the candle was pulled out of the box it replicated lights being switched off in a building, promoting The Earth Hour campaign.

Untitled design (3)Keep your eyes peeled and you may be lucky enough to receive your very own 8848 direct mailer!