Learn more about your website traffic with LinkedIn’s brand new feature

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LinkedIn is set to launch a brand new feature allowing businesses to obtain professional data about its website visitors.

The new tool, which was announced last week, is called Website Demographics and will be available next week.

The reporting tool gathers data from LinkedIn’s 500 million members and allows marketers to see their website viewers’ professional information, including job title, company, industry and location.

The feature also provides filters enabling users to closely monitor website traffic to specific areas of the website as well as by date range. This, in turn, lets brands develop improve targeting and content for campaigns, according to LinkedIn.

For us, as a marketing agency, gathering insights before, during, and after campaigns can improve future activity as well as helping us to re-position strategies in order to make smarter marketing choices.

LinkedIn has quickly developed as a networking platform, and now is at the top of the list for many industry professionals. So keep an eye out for its new feature, it is sure to have a huge impact in the marketing world and provide clarity in understanding the audiences you are reaching.