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5 ways to benefit from the new LinkedIn video feature

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Video content is becoming more and more popular in the world of social media with the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all focusing on the power of video.

The use of video allows companies to be more engaging with online content, increasing interaction and showcasing creativity.

Following the trend, LinkedIn are finally tapping into the popularity of video and are rolling out the option to share video content direct.

LinkedIn has added the option to their mobile app which gives users another way to build personal brands and to connect with professionals, and businesses a chance to share their latest video content.

Here’s 5 ways to use the new feature (Source: www.popdigitalmarketing.com)

Tour the office

Show off the great aspects of your workplace and what makes it unique. Involve your employees to increase employee engagement and promote the office when recruiting.

Create quick tip videos

Shoot videos offering a 1-minute tip on the industry in which you operate. Be consistent with your posts and remember who your target audience is.

Share projects

Upload videos that a highlight completed projects. Use before and after shots as well as behind the scenes shots to demonstrate your capabilities.

Promote your services

Reinforce your brand and highlight your services by promoting new products and services using the LinkedIn Native Video option. 75% of executives prefer videos over text according to Cisco Systems Research.

Interview experts

Finally, invite experts in your industry to answer a few questions on video and demonstrate your expertise by building a large network of industry leaders.


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