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Twice as much Trump? Twitter trials double characters

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Today, Twitter is trialling the option to tweet double the number of characters, from 140 to 280, for a small group of select users.

Twitter has announced that the reason for the experiment is the identification of many English speaking users who feel majorly frustrated by the current character limit.

If rolled out, the new limit will not be applicable to Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters as the social media site believes it is easier to say more in these languages in a smaller amount of characters.

This is great news for businesses who have the daily struggle of trying to condense key messages into a measly 140 characters, a problem that is not shared when using Facebook and LinkedIn which do not restrict users.

However, some users have taken to the social media site to complain that Twitter is popular because of its simplicity, and the restriction of characters adds to the ease of scrolling and browsing.

280 characters also means twice as much Trump and #Covfefe, we’ll let you decide whether that’s a good thing.

Our Twitter poll revealed 45% of respondents would be happy about #280, 25% not bothered and 30% were opposed.

It’s only a trial but watch this space!