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Increased demand for natural scent by the prawn sandwich brigade

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A fragrance additive company has seen a rise in demand for the request of a unique scent to be introduced into hospitality boxes.

Two weeks into the football season and Addmaster, the company that supplies bespoke fragrance under its Scentmaster brand, has seen sales enquiries rise for the smell of freshly cut grass.

The demand for samples of the natural scent has come about as a result of hospitality boxes supposedly lacking atmosphere, but remaining a popular choice for fans looking for a more personalised and luxurious experience.

It’s a reminder of Roy Keane’s view of some fan areas within Old Trafford stadium. He suggested that fans weren’t supportive enough because they were having a few drinks and probably a prawn sandwich, and weren’t realising what was going on out on the pitch.

Hospitality box users who attend matches for a luxurious experience as opposed to enjoyment of the game were subsequently dubbed the ‘prawn sandwich brigade’

Paul Morris, CEO of Addmaster, joked “Perhaps the demand for freshly cut grass within the boxes is less about atmosphere and more about masking the smell of the prawn sandwiches at half time.

“Nevertheless, the addition of Scentmaster into the boxes is highly anticipated, particularly by the prawn sandwich brigade who want to feel like they are a part of the game once again.”

Scentmaster by Addmaster adds flavours, fragrances and odour-masking qualities during the manufacture process. Usually it is added to polymer based products, however the company is now looking at ways to provide the product within hospitality boxes.

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