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5 cracking Easter marketing campaigns

Easter weekend is here, and marketeers are ready to hop into action to capitalise on campaign opportunities based upon the celebration.

When it comes to marketing campaigns at Easter time, it can be difficult to move away from the traditional – chocolate, eggs, bunnies – how does a brand take its marketing campaign to the next level?

Some embrace the classics, others take them and add a quirky twist, either way, here we look at some brands who have really smashed it!

  1. Hovis

It’s an old campaign, but a great one! Simple, yet so effective. Hovis launched this campaign in 2013, featuring two Hovis Wholemeal Farmers rolls positioned as bunny ears.

This clever outdoor ad campaign subtly hints the arrival of Easter whilst allowing its brand and product to do the talking.


  1. McDonalds

Everyone knows the brand and it is one that has been crafted to reach recognition globally. Is it an egg? Is it a Big Mac? McDonalds used its famous burger to create a series of creative Easter Marketing campaigns. We’re lovin’ it!


  1. Carlsberg

If Carlsberg did Easter… well they’d do it like this! This interactive piece of PR marketing was made using nearly half a tonne of chocolate. Completed as part of the “If Carlsberg did…” campaign the pop-up bar opened in London for the Easter Weekend and served a half-pint of Carlsberg in a chocolate glass. Did someone say chocolate and beer? I’m there!


  1. Dr Oetker’s Giant Rabbits

In 2016, this 7ft edible rabbit was spotted at Potters Fields Park and took about 100 hours to create, incorporating 3000 bars of chocolate to make it. With selfies galore swamping social media and hundreds flocking to see the creation – this stunt was loud and proud!

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  1. Cadburys Crème egg

With Easter trending hashtags a guarantee this weekend – social media is not something to be overlooked, and with it coinciding with April Fool’s day this year, there’s never been a better time to go viral!

Take a look at Cadbury’s Crème Egg 2014 lip-goo post, a spin on lip-gloss, and a prime example of how to create an impact on social media.

Everyone gets ‘eggcited’ when the Cadburys Crème Eggs hit the shelves, imagine the reaction when a social media post surfaces about a crème egg lip goo, ‘guaranteed for longer lasting flavour for your fling’. Don’t all rush to the shops though, it was all for the love of great social media content!

Crème Egg has always had a strong advertising presence, such as the well-known ‘how do you eat yours’ campaign. The same witty and creative concepts are applied to the world of social media. Although, we do think a Crème Egg flavoured lip-gloss would be a hit!

creme egg