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April Fool’s Day: The 5 best brand pranks

Happy Easter one and all from the 8848 team!

Not only is it Easter Sunday, but April 1st too which can only mean only one thing…  it’s April Fool’s!

Other than playing practical jokes on your friends, April Fool’s Day is a great opportunity for brands to have a bit of fun with their customers.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

1. MAN Truck and Bus UK

MAN ice cream

This prank was imagined and created by 8848, and the creative was done by our very talented design team. Using social media and popular trade titles, MAN released their ‘ICE MAN’, a take on their newly launched product certainly got people talking.

2. Mcdonald’s


For one day only, Mcdonald’s introduced the ‘Micro Mac’ which was small enough to hold with just one finger. Of course, it didn’t really exist and was an April Fool, although they have recently released ‘Mac Jr.’ which is a smaller version of the Big Mac to celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

3. Costa

This was a complete joke, other than for the lucky few customers who got the chance to trial it in the video. Costa and kip was a service introduced for the day which allowed those of us who were extra tired to enjoy a coffee with a snooze. Costa provided branded ‘ostrich’ pillows and baristas were on hand to wake you up.

4. Tesco


Health and safety aside, this would make for one fun trip to the supermarket. Tesco teased Bouncy Aisles to their customers on social media as an April Fool’s Day prank, however most people were dissapointed to find out this wasn’t real. Who wouldn’t want to bounce down the aisles?

5. Pop Tarts


They’re normally extremely tasty, but these Pop Tarts were slightly unique. The limited edition ‘Just The Crust’ Pop Tart was a practical joke which saw the brand tease customers by removing the centre (the best bit) of the Pop Tart.


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