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Brits look to brands to promote gender equality

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Ahead of International Women’s Day, research has been carried out by independent media agency the7stars to identify views on gender equality.

A fifth of Brits feel brands have a responsibility to promote gender equality.

The study found that millennial men are the most likely to agree with (30%) this compared to any other gender or age group, while just 12% of men older than 55 agreed.

Some brands are already listening, earlier this week Smirnoff and Spotify launched a joint campaign to promote female artists in the music industry.

The partnership between the vodka brand and music-streaming platform comes after data released by Spotify showed that none of the top 10 most-streamed tracks of 2017 were performed by women artists or bands.

Spotify will launch the ‘Smirnoff Equilizer’ this summer to give listeners a percentage breakdown of the number of men artists they have listened to in the last six months compared to the number of women artists.

Smirnoff has already gifted 100 limited-edition ‘Phenomenal You’ Smirnoff No. 21 vodka bottles to women around the world as part of the campaign, and the brand also made a donation in each women’s name to non-profit organisation ‘She Runs It’, which works to promote more women leaders in the workplace.

Judging by the study, and recent headlines around women in the film & music industry, the marketing campaign is likely to be a huge success with British listeners and is a great example of brands ‘keeping up with the times’.