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Want to know what’s afoot at LinkedIn? Why not follow its engineering blog – https://engineering.linkedin.com/blog

In one of its most recent blogs, the team explained how they’ve been working to improve their notifications flow.

LinkedIn’s Changji Shi said that their mission is to ‘connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful’, and that the notifications they push to users are a big part of this.

“However, repetitive, excessive and low-quality notifications can create a bad experience for members, lead members to file complaints and disable notifications, and make members less likely to use the LinkedIn app. Based on member feedback and dissatisfaction with excessive notifications, we decided to unify all LinkedIn notifications under one platform to optimize for and provide the best experience for our members. This platform became Air Traffic Controller (ATC)—the ultimate decision maker for notifications sent to our members.”

LinkedIn’s notifications have long been an issue for users, with various updates and alerts offering limited value, and sometimes, as noted, becoming overwhelming. Improving their system will help LinkedIn boost relevance, and demonstrate its understanding of its users based on how they actually engage with the app.

Thanks to www.socialmediatoday.com for the insight.