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Just a minute, please?

In everyday life, a minute might not seem like that much at all. But have you ever wondered what you could achieve in 60 seconds? Have you ever felt like you can fill your time with something whilst that kettle is boiling?

The internet achieves more than you think in a minute. The infographic developed by Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan shows the activity taking place online in 60 seconds and it really helps put one internet minute into perspective.

Netflix and chill

Last year, the amount of hours watched on Netflix in 60 seconds was 70,017. This is an enormous jump as it was announced earlier on this year that Netflix has nearly 118 million streaming subscribers globally and 266,000 hours are being watched every minute!

It’s a social media frenzy! 

Social media is a part of most people’s lives now. It has become a normality to have a smart phone and tablet. You may find yourself carelessly scrolling down Instagram, double clicking and exploring. You’re not on your own! In fact, 174,000 people are doing the same.

Facebook and Twitter are the ambassadors for social media. Facebook alone gets 973,000 logins a minute and on Twitter there are 481,000 tweets sent, all in a minute’s work. Imagine Wembley Stadium nearly eleven times bigger filled with people; that would be close to the amount of Facebook logins in 60 seconds.

Emails galore 

Do you ever wonder why you can never get your email inbox down to zero? Fret no more. You are not alone. 187 million emails are sent every minute. Food for thought – United Kingdom’s population is just over 66 million. Let’s leave that to sink in for one second.


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