According to a study by everyone’s favourite spreadable yeast-extract Marmite, the average UK person won’t crack a smile until 11.16am on a Monday.

But sharks don’t ever dread Monday. They’re up and about biting stuff and we think so should you.

Here’s some motivation from the 8848 team to see you through to Tuesday.

1.New beginnings.

Let Monday give you energy. A fresh start to the week where your focus is at its highest. This clean slate feeling can inspire creativity and boost productivity. A chance to tackle a new project or finish a looming deadline.

2.Seeing people.

We are social creatures. Seeing colleagues at work on Mondays can be, at least for some of us a joy. Mondays are a great opportunity tell stories about the weekend, to interact with great listeners, get advice on whatever life has thrown at us and to have a good laugh.

3.Showing off.

Mondays are an excellent opportunity to show off whatever you have bought over the weekend. You haven’t spent half your salary on a pair of new shoes, suit or bag to keep it in your wardrobe have you? Monday is the best day to be seen. A successful parade of your investment on Monday will keep your spirits high until Friday.

If none of this inspires you, there is hope. In 2012 and 2018 there were 53 Mondays in the year. You’ll be pleased to know that this won’t happen again until 2024.