Apple watch won’t turn on? Here’s how to fix it

There’s nothing more frustrating than an Apple Watch that isn’t turning on and you can’t figure out why. You may find yourself repeatedly holding the side button in the hope of the Apple logo appearing, but nothing happens.

But don’t worry, if your Apple Watch isn’t responding there are many potential causes, and most have an easy fix.

Take a look at four common Apple Watch problems and fixes that you can do yourself.

Check your Apple Watch battery and charger

A simple reason for your Apple Watch not turning on is simply that the battery has died. Connect your watch to its charging stand and wait a couple of minutes for the charging icon to display on the dial. If that doesn’t work try a different charging cable and charger to check incase your charger is faulty.

If your Apple Watch is still not turning on, try our next solution.

Force restart

Sometimes your watch can freeze which means that the operating system becomes unresponsive. Press and hold the site button and Digital Crown for up to 15 seconds, then release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

Check Power Reserve mode

Did you know your Apple Watch has a Power Reserve setting? This mode lets you see the time on your watch whilst preserving batter life. However, in this mode you will not be able to access other features.

To switch modes, simple press and hold the bottom side button for up to 10 seconds. Your watch will then reboot into its regular mode.

Turn off Screen Curtain

Apple products are renowned for their out there features, and Screen Curtain is most certainly one of those. This mode keeps your Apple Watch face dark, even when it’s being used, and the only way to use is through VoiceOver.

To turn this feature off, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, head over to the ‘General’ tab, then ‘Accessibility’ and finally ‘VoiceOver’. You’ll need to toggle the Screen Curtain button so it says ‘off’.

If these fixes don’t get your Apple Watch back to normal working order, we recommend contacting an Apple Store professional for more help.

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