LinkedIn rolls out three new features for Company Pages

LinkedIn has introduced three new tools for Company Pages in a bid to boost employee engagement on the platform.

The new features include:

  • Employee Notifications
  • Kudos and Team Moments
  • Completion Meter

As explained by LinkedIn in a recent blog post, these features: “help you better tap into your organisation’s most important asset – you employees. These updates are designed to help your employees share you company’s key updates or highlight their incredible work. We’re also adding tools to help you optimise your LinkedIn Page.”

Employee Notifications

The new feature will allow admins of a Company Page to notify employees when an update has been posted on the page. When posting an update admins will have the option to ‘notify employees of post’, which is listed under the three dots in the right-hand corner.

This new tool also includes a weekly notification limit safeguard, which ensures that employees do not spam feeds by sharing multiple company updates in a short period of time.

Kudos and Team Moments

LinkedIn is rolling out new custom content formats to shout about the people behind a company. The Kudos and Team Moments is perfect for announcing new employees, work highlights, as well as major company achievements.

In a blog post, Rishi Jobanputra LinkedIn product manager, said: “By highlighting the people behind your brand, you reveal the human side of your organisation to prospective customers and employees.”

Company Page Completion Meter

LinkedIn is making it easier for admins to complete a Company Page thanks to its Completion Meter. This new tool lets page admins know what information is missing on a page as well as including action points to populate a page.

Did you know that completed LinkedIn Pages earn 30% more page views per week in comparison to incomplete pages? So, ensuring a Company Page is complete has never been more crucial.

Completed pages will also have access to additional LinkedIn features, such as the Content Suggestions tool, which helps to identify trending content topics within a company’s target audience.

LinkedIn’s latest features are a great addition to helping brands increase their organic reach across the platform. The also drive conversation and deliver engagement on the platform through their very own employees.

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