Microsoft introduces anti-bullying chat features to Xbox Live

Online gaming platforms are notorious for their abusive and offensive content, but what do you do when the trash talking goes too far? Well, Microsoft has announced plans to give Xbox Live gamers the opportunity to filter it out.

In a bid to tackle abusive behaviour during online gaming sessions, Microsoft will roll out four levels of text filters.

Depending on tolerance level, users can opt for friendly, medium, mature and unfiltered communication filters. Users can also set different levels for different types of communication. For example, users may allow unfiltered messages from their friends but choose to moderate messages sent by strangers.

Parents will also be able to manage filter levels on accounts through Microsoft’s family settings.

Previously Microsoft has moderated content on Xbox Live, including the ability to report messages, tags, photos and more. However, this new effort gives players more control over the content that they see on Xbox Live.

The filters are only currently available for direct messages and members of the Xbox Insider testing programme. However, Microsoft has announced plans to roll the filters out to all users shortly and will expand the filters to other communication forms.

In a statement the company said: “Communication is a core part of Xbox and gaming in general. With such a large community of players with varying backgrounds from around the world, this diversity means that everyone has different levels of what language they are comfortable with while gaming.”

The new filters are part of Microsoft’s plan to make online gaming more friendly. This is a positive move for both Microsoft and Xbox Live, promoting the importance of online safety for its users. The filters will also help to create a less toxic online space and promote positive interaction. Ultimately this change will play an important part in creating a rewarding space for gamers to come together as a community.

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