Life on the farm: work experience with Olivia Dodd

Hello there!

I’m Olivia

I am a graduate in Marketing, Advertising and PR from Worcester University. Having studied a degree which stretches over all creative communications I was keen to narrow down and focus on marketing as I wanted to gain further understanding into the workings of marketing within an agency.

My time at 8848 Agency has given me a great insight into the industry. I have increased my knowledge of marketing within an agency as well as other creative communications and how they all link together to form a brand.

Working as part of the Marketing team, I was presented with tasks such a researching into brands, their background and competitors. I also looked into UX and how a desktop site is condensed down to a mobile site. I produced a wire frame for mobile sites which included all the elements of the website.

While at 8848 I carried out some research into branding. Part of this task involved creating a questionnaire into how effective the new branding of a company was with stakeholders.

I have really enjoyed my time here at 8848 Agency. The team has welcomed me and helped me fully understand how marketing in an agency works.

In addition if you are looking to increase your knowledge of the industry and are looking to get a foot on the career ladder in Marketing and PR, 8848 Agency is the perfect place to start.

Thank you 8848! I’ve loved my time here.

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