LinkedIn introduces three new features for businesses

LinkedIn has unveiled three new page features to help make it easier for businesses to increase community engagement and form a stronger relationship with followers.

The new features include LinkedIn Live, which up until now was only available to selected users, invite to follow and the ability for page administrators to share updates directly from either the page they manage or their personal profile.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live has been around for some time now, however the feature was limited to the US and personal profiles. The live streaming feature will expand to company pages to help build community engagement. With users 20x more likely to share a video on the platform, the expansion is a wise move by LinkedIn.

Page managers will need to apply for access to the new feature via the LinkedIn Live website.

Invite to follow

To help pages increase their following, LinkedIn has re-introduced the invite to follow feature. This means that page administrators can invite their first-degree connections to follow their page.

However, there are some limits with this option. Page administrators with less than 500 connections can invite all their contacts to like their page, whereas those with more can only invite 50 connections per day. This option is also only available to pages with less than 100,000 followers.

Post as page or member

A nifty featured LinkedIn has introduced is the ability to toggle between your profile and a business page you manage when posting.

Up until recently, page administrators would need to visit the business page in order to post as that profile. But now as part of the new updates, administrators can share an update directly via the LinkedIn home page.

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