Twitter announce the winners of #BrandBowl 54

The Super Bowl is one of THE biggest sporting events in the world and over the years has become as famous for its halftime entertainment as for its result. With nearly 100 million people tuning in each year, major brands are known for pulling out all the stops to grab the attention of viewers.

Twitter, which is at the heart of Super Bowl conversations, has shared its annual #BrandBowl findings. The round-up looks at the best game day campaigns, including special mentions to the brands that got people talking.

Check out some of the winners of #BrandBowl below.


Awarded to the brand that drove the largest overall conversation among Super Bowl advertisers.

This year Pepsi pulled out all the stops for the Pepsi halftime show with a showstopping performance from JLo and Shakira. This year’s performance included a first of its kind interactive social experience.

Fans were asked to Tweet their predictions of how the halftime show would come to life. Users could guess elements such as the number of backup dancers or whether there’d be a special guest performer.

The campaign was used to drive awareness for its Pepsi Zero Sugar drink, with every correct answer scoring big prizes throughout the game.


The brand with the most RT’s on a single tweet from a brand’s handle.

Doritos scored big with its ‘dance off’ advert, which featured Lil’ Nas X and Sam Elliot. Trending on the night was their #CoolRanchDance showdown, which featured some great moves from both and almost 3,000 RTs.

The food brand also tried to secure one million RTs in return for a clip of Billy Ray Cyrus dancing. While the tweet didn’t reach the magic million mark, it did receive the highest number of retweets during the game.


The brand that drove the highest overall positivity compared to all other brands partaking in the SB conversation.

Google won the award for the biggest tearjerker of the Super Bowl night. The campaign featured the grandfather of a Google employee and his wife Loretta. With a little help from Google, viewers were transported through their heart-warming love story.

The search engine tugged at the heart strings of thousands and received the most positive sentiment of any campaign of the night.


The brand that drove the largest overall conversation that doesn’t have a national spot.

Tums were the perfect example of how to get notable mentions during game night, without booking a Super Bowl TV spot. The brand was the 4th most mentioned on the evening, thanks to their $54,000 luxury vacation giveaway.

During the game users were asked to use the blue circle emoji and #TUMSWORTHYsweepstakes, each time a TUMSworthy moment happened. The simple giveaway generated over 72k mentions.

It’s also worth noting how the company was able to link brand awareness and their giveaway. The use of the blue circle emoji will no doubt have become synonymous with Tums.

You can read the full report here.

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