Try Vegan this January – the top Veganuary 2020 campaigns so far

Since its introduction in 2014, Veganuary has seen thousands of people sign up and make the switch to a plant-based diet for January. With a record 300,000 sign-ups for Veganuary 2020, we’re looking at the top campaigns of the last month.

Greggs – Vegan Steak Bake

Following the popular launch of its vegan sausage roll back in January 2019, Greggs were quick to introduce another vegan staple to its menu. After the brand teased a new range of vegan products, the vegan steak bake made its way to 1,300 store trays across the country.

Customers were so eager to try the new vegan addition, they queued from the early hours to get their hands on the new bake.

Frankie and Benny’s – Veg Loaf

What do you get when you combine Frankie and Benny’s new vegan menu and the singer Meat Loaf? The answer is Veg Loaf.

The Italian restaurant chain partnered with Meat Loaf for a tongue-in-cheek campaign, which saw two of the restaurants’ employees pitch a rebrand to Meat Loaf. Whilst the singer refused to take on the new name ‘Veg Loaf’ he is actively promoting their new vegan menu.

Heinz – Beanz Meanz Vegan

Those looking for cheaper vegan alternatives were in luck this month when Heinz unveiled its Veganuary campaign. Tweaking its slogan, limited edition tins were released with the slogan ‘Beanz Meanz Vegan’.

The campaign aimed to change the perception that being vegan isn’t about just eating kale, and that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on certain foods either.

Plus, the campaign revealed that 10% of people didn’t know that Heinz is vegan.

Pizza Hut – Pepperphoni Pizza

Serving up its new ‘pepperphoni pizza’, Pizza Hut wins top marks for the puniest Veganuary brand name.

The new addition has been launched as a limited edition pizza, however the restaurant has hinted that if it proves popular it could become a permanent item on the menu.

KFC – Vegan burger

Following a successful trial last year, KFC has launched its first ever vegan burger in time for Veganuary. The fast food outlet sent fans into meltdown when a billboard advertising the new burger was spotted in London.

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