My crazy life in successville

Big shout out to all the workers just about coping with life.

It’s hard isn’t it?

Not as hard though for anyone who has been sick, has looked after someone who is sick and for people who have lost those close to them. I have no problems in comparison to this.

This is LinkedIn. The platform to promote yourself. However I won’t brag to you that I got my clients on the front page of the newspaper or that I was a super mum baking cakes while creating an instant experience ad on Instagram. I’m a rubbish baker and definitely not a super mum.

Instead, here are my own top 10 recent successes. They may seem frivolous to you, but I think I’m winning at life:

  1. I managed to lift my frail mother onto the GPs’ bed (twice) for an examination – I’m a blooming athlete!
  2. I shopped for the last 14 weeks for two pensioners every Saturday morning and didn’t lose my temper once, even when the bill came to over £300 one week and I can’t read their writing
  3. My teenager put his wet towels in the laundry without me asking
  4. I used a box dye to colour my hair and I look alright
  5. I caught three spiders and let them outside using an amazing Amazon purchase and didn’t scream once
  6. I’ve come to work every day
  7. I’ve written an essay on Christian marriage (I’m divorced) and pretended it was written by my teenager. I celebrated when we got a 9
  8. I’ve fake tanned every week in a vain attempt to make myself feel better
  9. I’ve paid everyone on time and tried to pay small suppliers early
  10. I’ve not cried once yet in 2020