8848 Delivers Knockout Campaign

The 8848 team has been busy travelling the length and breadth of the UK to deliver a knockout campaign for technology giant Box to mark its 25th anniversary.

8848 responded by executing a unique campaign with everything from event management to media coverage, as well as creative and social media support – and outstanding results!

The Idea: 

Everyone loves a ‘treasure hunt’ don’t they? Or in this instance, a Box Hunt!

We selected four locations across the UK to place eight prize boxes for the general public to find. A share of more than £35,000 worth of technology prizes was the reward for our winners.. 

The Plan:

Each week in September a different town or city was visited, delivering two boxes at different locations. The first box was dropped in place at 12 noon and the second box at 4pm.

The postcode for each location was revealed a character at a time on social media leading up to the ‘drop’. The winner was simply the first person to reach each box on the day. Each box contained a haul of prizes from Box and its suppliers – from TVs to laptops, soundbars to gaming chairs.

The locations were teased throughout the week on social media with the last letter of the postcode being announced at the time of the box drop. Then we let the rush to the box commence!

The Execution:

The four locations visited were York, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Abergavenny.

The two drop-off points in each town or city were strategically placed in central areas but away from the mass of crowds so that the boxes could be dropped as discreetly as possible.  

The initial buzz was mainly created on social platforms and managed by the team at 8848. As well as this, 8848 also supplied eye-catching creative and secured a digital ad van, which was sent to each town or city to create on-ground excitement and raise awareness.

The Results: 

As well as the spectacular buzz in each location, the results of the campaign shone through the social media channels, PR and videos produced. 

On social media, the content reached more than 700,000 people with paid pushing over 1 million impressions. 

Not only that but the films produced by our videographers achieved over 51,477 views alone. 

Each region where the #BoxHunt took place received its own press coverage, contributing to a total of 22 pieces across the whole campaign. 

And most importantly, we raised awareness of Box to hundreds of thousands of people. Whether this was in person, through social channels or the media.

Will Spencer, sales director for Box, describes how he is thrilled by the whole campaign.

“I can’t thank the team at 8848 enough for all the hard work they have put into the campaign. From start to finish they have been extremely professional, and their dedication to execution saw the campaign brought to life. Each one of our targets has been completely fulfilled.”

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