21 Years of Loving Data

Happy 21st birthday to me! 21 years of analysing, managing, and reporting on data. 21 years of using data to steer business growth.

However, let me tell you all – even after 21 years, some of you still don’t realise how important your customer data is!

Quality data is gold dust. It should sit behind every decision your marketing team makes. It’s the evidence you need to make the right decisions to grow your business.

Want more customers? Analyse who your current customers are and market to a similar audience.

Want more customers? Find out why your current customers buy from you and do more of it.

Want more customers? Find out what your current customers need that you’re not delivering and increase your products or services.

Good quality data and maximising the collection of data should be at the forefront of your new business marketing strategy.

Data allows businesses to make targeted decisions without wasting marketing pounds.

As a self-confessed data geek, the first questions I always ask any client who wants to discuss their marketing objectives are:

  • What data do you have?
  • What does it look like?
  • How clean is it?
  • What does it tell you?
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