Good Office Culture

What Makes a Good Culture In an Office?

One of the things lots of people have missed in the last two years is their work mates. We count ourselves really lucky to work on a remote farm. Far from the madding crowd and remote enough to all join in with James’ Friday song.

We spend more time with each other than our families. In the summer we sit outside in our beautiful garden basking in the sunshine and in the winter, we gather around the farmhouse kitchen table telling stories about what our teenagers have gotten up to over the weekend.

Could good culture be Caroline’s sausage baps and the fact that one time her Friday culinary treats managed to set fire to the kitchen and encourage a surprise visit by the local fire service?

Or is it seeing Sean work out every lunch time in our home-made gym outside while we scoff down the best ever baked potatoes from our range cooker? In 2021 to encourage us to move more we had a personal trainer for the summer. The pure joy of watching someone else suffer while you enjoyed your lunch was never to be forgotten.

Perhaps it’s the lunch time walks down the lane? You can really tell when a big event is coming up by the amount of people marching along the road. If you need to be wedding-fit – come to the farm!

So what makes a good culture in an office?

Great culture is obviously all about the people. And we’ve got the funniest and kindest there are. We’ve got our Christmas party on Friday night (yes, we know it’s late). You can bet your life on the fact that most of the night will be taken up with hilarious stories about each other – remember the time…