How to Leverage Instant Experience Advertising

With more than 2.6 billion monthly users scrolling through their news feed, sharing what’s on their mind and interacting with brands, as social media platforms go, Facebook is one of the biggest. 

With many advertising options available to help you get in front of your potential customers, have you ever considered an Instant Experience advert?

What is an Instant Experience advert?

Formerly known as ‘Canvas Ads’, Instant Experience adverts offer an immersive, full-screen experience which blends different types of media. Customising elements to create a bespoke design with individual content, products, lifestyle imagery and video content, this format helps to take users on a journey of your brand. What’s more, this advertising format can be leveraged over both Facebook and Instagram placement.

Have you ever wondered why when you visit a website, you suddenly become inundated with social media adverts from that brand? The answer is because many websites will have a Facebook Pixel installed, which lets them know that you visited them and allows that brand to then serve you bespoke adverts based on your individual needs and interests.

The Pixel serves as a tool to measure the success of your Instant Experience campaign, tracking website visitors, sales and a way to re-engage with visitors who have previously interacted with your brand. If you have a website and Facebook page, the Pixel is a must have!

Why should I use the Instant Experience format?

Now you might be asking yourself, why should I consider an Instant Experience advert over other formats? 

Think of an Instant Experience like a book, you’re drawn in from the first chapter, taken on an adventure before finally wanting more. 

Firstly, you can pack in the information and visuals – think emailer or brochure.

Secondly, the build opportunities are endless. From a range of mock ups to blank templates, you can create a format that ticks all the boxes. 

But also, if you feel like a single ad format doesn’t offer enough space for your message, the Instant Experience format could be the solution for you. This format essentially allows you to create a micro site within Facebook and Instagram, capturing your audience’s attention from the get go. No matter your goals, whether that is brand awareness, traffic or sales, this ad format covers it all.

What about results?

On average, we find the average view time on a phone for an Instant Experience adverts to be roughly 30 seconds, which means your audience is staying engaged with your brand for a significant period of time on social media. 

Plus, with the addition of strong call to actions, you’ll find a good click through rate when monitoring results. Another perk? Instant Experience formats load x15 faster than your standard mobile web page, which means no waiting for your content to load. 

Even when your Instant Experience campaign finishes, you can re-target customers who have recently interacted with your advert.

If the above has left you wanting to level up your social media with the help of advertising, get in touch with us today.