Practice Makes Perfect

Scrolling through the TV news channels this week, I was intrigued at how different countries report the ‘same’ news and landed on NHK World – Japan’s international news service.

The content moved from breath-taking footage of the cherry blossom trees of Mount Yoshino to an interview with a blade maker. And what a character he was: across 40 years or more he had crafted his art making ceremonial and decorative swords.

With him was an apprentice, whose job it was to stoke the fire needed to heat the blade. We saw the apprentice cutting charcoal for the fire to just the right size – a skill we were told took three years to perfect. Three years to learn how to cut charcoal to the right size!

Which had me thinking… In most jobs there are tasks that are done over and over, again and again, be it daily, weekly or monthly. But it’s important to remember that repetition is not the enemy; repetition is our friend – even if in the first instance it can appear daunting.

Because isn’t it true that the more we do something, the better we become at it – quicker, more agile, more efficient? And fortunately, that more effective use of our time can be passed on to our clients.

That was the case a few months ago when our client Pegasus Group asked for support re-writing case studies for their website.

The leading development consultancy, that offers expertise across the whole development lifecycle, has released its new branding, website and company values and 8848 was tasked with rewriting more than 30 existing case studies in a different style and format consistent with the new website.

Starting out, the task seemed vast, but as each re-write progressed what started out slowly soon speeded up – confirming the old adage that practice makes perfect.

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