Specialist product training with Metelec

Specialist product training with Metelec

In the last week, Sean Wozencroft, 8848’s Head of Content and PR, joined our client Metelec for specialist product training.

For PR professionals in agencies, juggling multiple clients across diverse industries is par for the course. When it comes to crafting technical articles, a strong understanding of the product or service we’re promoting is essential.

Last week Metelec welcomed Stefan Waldraff to the business for Maxiflex sales product training and Sean was there as part of the team.

Metelec UK is part of Gindre Duchavany, Europe’s largest manufacturer of copper extruded bars. The company is one of the UK’s largest stockholders of copper bars, busbars, copper profiles and copper components.

Accuracy and trust

In-depth product knowledge ensures our writing is accurate and builds trust with journalists and readers. As PRs we need to understand the jargon, features, and benefits of the product to translate them into clear, concise language for our client’s target audience.  Training equips us to communicate effectively with both tech-savvy readers and those new to the product.

Client training

Stefan Waldraff is Maxiflex Product Manager based at Kupferrheydt, Metelec’s Group Manufacturing business in Monchengladbach. As part of his training, we reviewed the key features and benefits of the laminate flexible conductors and their application to low-voltage switchgear. We also gained an appreciation for latest product developments.

The product has the potential to reduce complexity, space and ultimately cost in switchgear assemblies. Metelec is looking to provide a serviced offer, including pre-formed product to meet customer project needs.

Beyond press releases

PR goes beyond press releases. It’s about uncovering the compelling narrative behind the product.  Product training allows us to delve deeper, identify unique selling points, and craft stories that resonate with journalists and potential customers.

8848 has a team of technical PR writers. If you want support with your PR and content, you can contact Sean for a chat.


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