Stats your lots

Stats your lots

Tomorrow night, the nation holds its breath as England clash with the Netherlands in a nail-biting Euro 2024 semi-final.

There are numerous questions to answer. Will Harry Kane rediscover his golden touch and lead the Three Lions to glory? Can England hold their nerve if it goes to penalties again? And will Cole Palmer finally get a decent chance to prove himself on the biggest stage?

A few stats to whet your whistle

Let’s dive into the stats to see if the goal scoring action of past Euros is continuing in 2024. While some of the action hasn’t been the most thrilling, the tournament has so far seen a just-about-respectable 2.25 goals per game.

While that’s a slight dip from the high-scoring Euro 2020 (2.8 goals per game), it’s still more exciting than the dreary Euro 2016 (2.1 goals per game).

Looking back, tournaments with 16 teams have averaged 2.45 goals per game. Interestingly, the switch to a 24-team format hasn’t significantly impacted scoring, with the average since 2016 sitting at 2.38 goals per game.

What about our field? Social media

With a population of around 17.7 million, the Netherlands football team have a combined social media audience of 6.93 million across X, Facebook, YouTube Instagram and TikTok. As a rough back of the fag packet calculation if we presume all the followers are from the Netherlands, that’s a support of 39% of the population.

None too shabby.

England on the other hand has a population of around 57.1 million and a total following of 35.6 million across the same channels. That’s a staggering 62% of the population.

So England win the social media battle – now let’s hope they win the one that matters most!


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