8848 women in plumbing community campaign

8848 women in plumbing community campaign

A community campaign created by the 8848 team is encouraging more women into plumbing.

Leading heating, plumbing and air movement materials supplier TG Lynes tasked 8848 with creating a campaign to encourage more women into the trade, which is still heavily male-dominated.

Our response was the HERoes campaign. At the heart of the campaign was the chance for a winner to take a place on a City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 Domestic Plumbing & Heating course with training provider Choice Training. The course is worth more than £3,000 and there was an additional prize of a tool bundle worth a further £600.

Ashleigh Stent was crowned champion in TG Lynes’ Plumbing HERoes competition.

Ashleigh said: “I am absolutely over the moon to win Plumbing HERoes. It’s a huge opportunity for me to take the next step in my career.

“I was working as a labourer for a small company and was encouraged to try a variety of trades.

“I found it really empowering and enjoyed working with my hands. Plumbing interested me most and I started fitting wet rooms in social housing before moving to repair and maintenance in facilities management.

“I have since completed a diploma in plumbing. This prize will allow me to develop my skills further and obtain the NVQ qualification I need to get out there and launch my career as a residential plumber. It’s so exciting!”

Why are community campaigns important for business-to-business companies?

Community PR campaigns hold significant value for business-to-business (B2B) companies for several reasons.

Reputation and Credibility

Building strong relationships within your industry and local community fosters trust and enhances your reputation. Positive word-of-mouth from respected peers and involvement in community initiatives strengthens your credibility amongst potential clients.

Targeted Lead Generation

Community PR allows you to connect with relevant businesses and organisations that could be potential clients or partners.  By establishing yourself as a valuable asset to the community, you position your company for organic lead generation.

Thought Leadership

Participation in collaborative projects allows you to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader. This positions your company as a trusted resource within the B2B landscape.

Employee Engagement

Community involvement can boost employee morale and engagement.  Contributing to a positive community fosters a sense of purpose and social responsibility within your workforce.


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