Ben Smallman spends a day with the Cat in the Hat

In support of uni-ball’s magical writing competition fronted by Anton Du Beke, we’re profiling how some of the team would spend a day with their favourite storybook character.

Today it’s the turn of Ben Smallman @brimfieldben who wants to cause some carnage on a global scale.

“I’d love to spend a day with the Cat in the Hat. ‘It is fun to have fun but you have to know how,’ he’ll say. I’ll agree wholeheartedly and ask him to bring Thing One and Thing Two out of his box for an afternoon of unadulterated mischief. We will annoy the goldfish, break the rake, splatter the cake and cause absolute carnage on a global scale that I’d never usually get away with. Then he’ll clear it all up by magic and go home.”