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Persimmon Homes is man’s best friend

A Scunthorpe housing development was chosen as a location for a new television show.

Celebrity Dog Listener, Tony Knight, who helps canine owners get the best relationship out of their pets, used the Persimmon Homes Lakeside development as a backdrop for his new pilot show, expected to be aired on EstuaryTV later this year.

As a recognised television and radio personality in Australia, Tony – who was originally from Scunthorpe – is sharing his skills and expertise with a British audience.

The four bedroom detached show home at Lakeside provided ample space to cater for the production team and their equipment. A series of short links which will form part of the programme were filmed in the spacious dining kitchen and the lounge.

Tony said: “I am delighted to have returned to my roots to film this show and very pleased that Persimmon has been so supportive in helping me keep my Scunthorpe links alive.

“My technique focuses on helping owners to understand ways in which they can communicate with their dogs and the positive impact it has on their pet’s behaviour.”

Tony uses a process called Amichien Bonding, a technique created by his mother Jan Fennell, international author of the original Dog Listener, which works with the nature of the dog to achieve the desired behaviour and responses.

“We have been working with a number of owners in the area who have been experiencing difficulties with their pets and I’ve been teaching them how gentle, but effective, this approach can be for the owner-and-dog friendship.”

Naj Modak, Producer of the show and Tony’s Publicist, said: “It’s very rewarding watching Tony at work whether you’re a dog lover or not. His technique can be taught to make people feel safer around dogs, and in turn to make the dogs feel safe too.

“It has been a pleasure to work with EstuaryTV. They have a special understanding which is integral when producing a show as specialised as Tony’s is.”

Linda Turner, sales advisor at Persimmon Home Lakeside, added: “We were more than happy to welcome Tony and his team and wish the show the greatest success.”

Tony will be embarking on a UK tour after the television show. For further information on Tony Knight and the UK tour click here.