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Connect PR’s favourite social media posts of Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is one of the most televised events on the planet with businesses forking out millions of dollars just to get a few seconds of play time during the commercials.

It is estimated a brand can pay up $5 million for an ad slot just for the hope that they are recognised around the globe and awareness of their brand goes through the roof.

But social media is a whole new platform and even the most innocuous images or videos can grab as much attention online and become a viral hit.

So here are Connect PR’s best social media moments during Super Bowl 50.

Looks like vegan hotdogs didn’t go down well at the Super Bowl.

Save water drink beer….ok maybe not.

Beyoncé almost made it into Super Bowl folklore with a near fall but the queen of cool styled it out.

No sign of Sabotage here

Coldplay’s Chris Martin was mocked as an outcast. Social media demanded the return of Super Bowl favourite #LeftShark

The Denver Bronco’s win was marked in colour at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City.

However The Super Bowl wasn’t for everyone