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Higgs’ tree plants seeds of happiness

l-r Georgia Stott (kneeling), Katy Boyce, Zahra Farooq, Emma Hadley


International Happiness Week (20-24 March) set out to show that people still have reason to celebrate even in a world that is so often beset with challenges.

Higgs & Sons embraced that theme by introducing a tree of happiness to its Waterfront offices on which colleagues were encouraged to place a tag describing what makes them happy. Each pledge of happiness came with a donation to the firm’s charity of the year, the NSPCC.

A heart-warming £40 was raised by the initiative.

The initiative was organised by Higgs & Sons’ Trainees who play a key role in supporting all of the firm’s charitable and community activities.

“We are surrounded by news of tragedies and difficulties faced by people around the world,” said Sian Marks, the Trainee who came up with the original idea.

“We felt that International Happiness Week was the ideal opportunity for colleagues to focus on the things that made them happy for a while and in the process help us to raise funds for the NSPCC.”

Comments on the happiness tree included such things as ‘hearing my daughter have a good laugh with her friends’, ‘salted caramel’, ‘spending time with my granddaughters as they live in Luxembourg’, ‘sunshine and wine’.

At the end of the week all of the comments were placed in a draw to win a ‘Hamper of Happiness’. The winning entry came from Communications Officer, Jenna Wooldridge who wrote: “Seeing my baby boy dance for the first time this week (to the Rolling Stones!).”

Partner Tim Jones, Head of the Community Matters programme at Higgs said: “It was a fantastic initiative. We are all rightly concerned with the difficulties faced by the world, but occasionally it is good to re-focus and appreciate the things that bring us happiness.

“The NSPCC strives to improve the lives of children and provide a little happiness in what can be extremely challenging situations. We are pleased to be able to offer them our support as our charity of the year this year.”

For further information on Higgs & Sons’ extensive Community Matters programme, go to www.higgsandsons.co.uk/CommuntyMatters