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Stand out with direct mail marketing

Last year, we published a blog which identified some of our favourite direct mail marketing material and it proved extremely popular.

8848 is still a big advocate of direct mailers as a method of reaching your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

We’ve searched far and wide for some more great direct mail marketing examples to provide you with some inspiration.


Nike sent out a limited edition shoe box to customers with the aim of encouraging children to take up athletics. The interior of the shoe box featured the design of a stadium which was accompanied by the sound of a roaring crowd when the box opened. A great initiative by Nike to increase participation in sport, and ultimately demand for their footwear.



The ‘mail helmet’ was sent out by Smart to advertise their new range of e-bikes to cycling enthusiasts. The idea is simple yet proved extremely effective. Made from recycled cardboard, it highlighted the brand as environmentally friendly, and gave the recipients chance to build their very own helmet which could be used on their new range of all-electric bikes.



This marketing postcard by Skoda was designed to promote the new driver assist feature in its Yeti model. The recipient was instructed to remove the car from the back of postcard and place it in a marked position on the front. Magnets built into the postcard moved the small car from its position into the parking bay, demonstrating how easy it is to parallel park with the new feature – very clever!



This mailer was created by Google and enabled recipients to build their own holographic prism. When placed on a phone, Google provided a YouTube link to a video which interacted with the prism and displayed a hologram which provided exclusive mobile tips. The video got people talking and was shared across social media by thousands.



An online laundry company ‘LavOnline’ sent this direct mailer to young professionals and managers who do not employ a laundry service. The interactive mailer opened up to a white t-shirt and a tomato. Recipients were urged to ‘splat’ the tomato on the t-shirt. The message inside read ‘It’ll be a hard blow for stains. To get the idea behind our service, hit this t-shirt. If you really want to try it out, register now on‘. And it worked, with 32% of recipients registering online, 8% turning into customers and an increase of site traffic by 15%.



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