It’s…….…the moment that broke Twitter from WAGatha Christie to the Instagram take down

If you’ve not been glued to Twitter in the past 24 hours, where the devil have you been?

In just one click Coleen Rooney has made our year.

We won’t bore you with the details – WAGatha Christie can do this all by herself.

Here are our favour memes #teamColeen

1. WAGatha Christie

2. To the letter of the law!

3. Everyone loves the drama

4. The moment that broke Twitter

5. Brexit?

6. 9th October 2019 will go down in history

7. Move over Ant and Dec

8. A new career move?

9. Scarlett Johansson will play everyone

10. The Footballers Wives reboot

Brands were also quick to jump in on the action with some hilarious reactive content.

1. Innocent Drinks

2. Netflix

3. BBC One

4. VAR

5. Sky Bet