Benefits of Using Paid Social

Paid social refers to any ad places on a social media platform that encourages a social response. You can set up social media profiles for your business for free however, you may want that extra push to expand your target audience which is where paid social comes into place. There are many benefits of using paid social for a business.

Which social media platforms offer paid social ?
Many online platforms allow you to pay for advertising however some of the main ones consist of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Paying for advertising on these applications can boost your brand awareness.

What are the benefits of paid social and why should a business consider paying for advertisement?

Paid social can fit any budget: When paying for sponsored advertising, the money you spend can be as little as you want it to be. This is great for firms as there are many benefits for a small cost including a high return of investment.
Interest-based targeting: Social media platforms gather a lot of data when users go online. This data allows them to target ads at users interests which is perfect for businesses as it will only show the ads on relevant feeds of people who may be interested.
Demographic and location targeting: Paid social allows you to filter for locations and demographic services such as age, gender and language which helps businesses to target a specific audience.
Boost brand awareness: By advertising on social media you are expanding your reach as it will appear on thousands of peoples online platforms. They may then go on to follow your account and frequently engage with your page.
Ability to gain insight: When using paid social you can gain a lot of information from your audience. For example, you can see how they behave on your website. This helps firms analyse the success of their website.

Paid social media can be a big jump from previous ways of marketing but is very effective. You can even view insights on them which also help a lot!

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