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The challenge

Bloor Homes, a family-owned, five-star housebuilder renowned for its quality and customer service, recognises the power of video storytelling to enhance its customer experience. With over 3,000 families choosing Bloor Homes each year, showcasing authentic homeowner testimonials became a strategic priority.

In early 2022, Bloor Homes sought a trusted video partner to capture the essence of its satisfied customers’ journeys. As a leading provider of video solutions, we were ready to transform everyday homeowners into the stars of Bloor Homes’ success story.

Beyond just aesthetics, the challenge lies in harnessing the power of video to build trust and emotional connection with potential buyers. 8848’s expertise is crucial in crafting compelling narratives that resonate deeply with Bloor Homes’ target audience.

How did we do?

Our brief is to tell Bloor’s customers’ stories.

Building trust and emotional connection with potential buyers is paramount for Bloor Homes. The leading five-star housebuilder understands this and approached 8848 with a clear vision: to amplify the voices of its satisfied customers through impactful video testimonials.

Partnering with Bloor’s nationwide sales and marketing teams, 8848 embarked on a strategic video production mission. The objective? To capture the diverse experiences of new Bloor homeowners, encouraging them to share their unique journeys and personal insights on the Bloor Homes experience.

Each video acts as a micro-documentary, bringing to life the individualised service Bloor provides. The focus is on showcasing how Bloor prioritises understanding and fulfilling the specific needs and requirements of each customer, making their transition to a new home seamless and stress-free.

Beyond brick and mortar, the videos delve deeper, highlighting the additional services Bloor offers. Whether it’s facilitating the installation of a new kitchen appliance, upgrading carpets, or adding fitted wardrobes and bathroom upgrades, Bloor demonstrates its commitment to going the extra mile for every homeowner.

This collaborative approach, blending 8848’s video expertise with Bloor’s deep customer understanding, has resulted in a powerful series of testimonials that not only build trust but also act as a persuasive marketing tool, effectively converting viewers into future Bloor homeowners.

In 2024, 8848 continues to work with Bloor Homes, delivering valuable customer testimonials.

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