Lee Longlands

The Challenge

Lee Longlands, one of Birmingham’s oldest and most iconic retailers, wanted to understand more about their customers so they contacted the farm and tasked us with an important project.

They wanted to understand in more detail what their customer profile looked like including where they lived, how they shopped and most importantly what they wanted from a leading furniture retailer.

It was an important step in helping the business plan and deliver for the future so here’s a quick overview of how we helped.

What did we do?

Using our internal Brand Strategy and Data Analysis team we embarked upon a customer insight project where we analysed the customer and sales data held within the business to identify customer profiles and trends.

We undertook a series of Mosaic analysis and profiling at store level to identify how customers profiled differently across each store and what impact this had on their purchasing behaviour.

In addition, a number of sales analysis methodologies were implemented to identify key trading times, dates and locations. Regular Recency, Frequency and Value (RFV) analysis was also introduced to help segment and target customers for marketing purposes.

Using the intelligence from the consumer insight piece and regular RFV analysis, the client was able to implement changes to store layouts, brand structure, point of sale and marketing to best suit the customer at each individual store level.

The initial work we carried out, as well as the annual data refresh we now provide for Lee Longlands, has enabled the business to enhance its ability to communicate to the right customers at the right time and is now a fundamental part of their marketing strategy.

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