Lee Longlands

The Challenge

Lee Longlands, a pillar of Birmingham’s retail scene, craved a deeper understanding of its customer base. This wasn’t just about demographics – the retailer desired insights into shopping habits and, most crucially, what customers truly desired from a leading furniture retailer.

Recognising the need to future-proof its business, Lee Longlands entrusted 8848 with a critical project: decipher the customer code.  This mission wasn’t merely about data collection; it was about unlocking the key to strategic planning and delivering an experience customers craved.

How did we do?

8848’s data specialists implemented a customer insight project.  We weren’t just analysing numbers; we were unearthing hidden trends and crafting customer profiles within Lee Longlands’ data.

Mosaic analysis was introduced, allowing us to visualise distinct customer segments across each store. This unveiled fascinating details: how buying behaviours differed and the factors influencing them.

But the journey didn’t stop there. We deployed a battery of sales analysis techniques to pinpoint peak shopping times, days, and locations. Additionally, regular RFV analysis (Recency, Frequency, Value) was introduced, guiding us in segmenting customers for targeted marketing campaigns.

Empowered by these insights, Lee Longlands transformed its stores, brand structure, point-of-sale, and marketing strategies. Each store received a tailored approach that resonated with its unique customer base.

This wasn’t a one-time fix.  Our annual data refresh ensures Lee Longlands stays ahead of the curve. This data-driven approach has become the cornerstone of their marketing strategy, enabling them to connect with the right customers at the perfect moment.

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