The Challenge

Leyland, the rapidly expanding DIY and decorating specialist for Londoners, boasts over 30 stores across the capital’s bustling high streets. With a loyal core customer base, it sought to elevate its brand further. The goal? Simple: become the go-to destination for Londoners seeking to tackle any DIY or professional decorating project.

The challenge? Catering to a diverse audience. Leyland’s loyal base includes both professional tradespeople and DIY home improvers. Reaching both segments effectively required a multi-pronged approach, one that transcended a single channel.

How did we do?

We tackled the challenge in four ways: community initiatives, positioning the brand as decorating experts, growing social media and maximising store openings.

Community champion

Our campaign Give London A Lift put Leyland in the heart of the community at a time when many charities and groups were struggling. For two years, the campaign donated £20,000 worth of materials and garnered national press coverage, even featuring football legend Paul Merson.

Our latest community initiative targeted London schools. The Big School Makeover gained 500 entries and 10,000 votes.

Expert authority

Leyland’s employees became trusted voices, featured in prominent publications like The Sun and The Evening Standard, offering their expertise on various DIY topics.

Social media surge

When it comes to social, numbers talk. Leyland’s social media presence skyrocketed with a 7,000-follower increase, driven by strategically crafted content, generating over 20 million impressions, 300,000 engagements, and 250,000+ video views.

Memorable store openings

Ditching the traditional launch tactics, Leyland embraced our innovative openings with in-store games, prize giveaways, and even celebrity appearances, ensuring impactful debuts for each new location.

By fostering a deep connection with the community, establishing expertise, leveraging social media effectively, and creating buzzworthy store openings, 8848 today continues to promote Leyland as the leading name in London’s DIY and decorating scene.

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