The challenge

MAN Truck & Bus UK, a UK leader in the commercial vehicle industry, boasts a legacy of quality engineering and innovation. From nimble vans to robust trucks and luxurious coaches, MAN offers a complete transportation solution. As part of the renowned MAN Group, its commitment to uptime, customer satisfaction, and sustainable advancements positions it as a leader in the UK market. This includes pioneering projects in autonomous and electric vehicles, paving the way for the future of transportation.

To amplify its brand message and connect with key decision-makers, MAN Truck & Bus UK partnered with 8848. The mission? To generate significant traction with UK fleet operators, showcasing MAN’s exceptional value proposition and fostering meaningful engagement with the target audience.

How did we do?

At 8848, we believe in the power of relationships. When it came to elevating MAN Truck & Bus UK’s brand awareness and engagement with fleet operators, fostering strong connections was key to our success.

We cultivated relationships with key journalists within the industry, ensuring a platform for MAN’s compelling stories. But our approach went beyond securing press coverage. We partnered closely with MAN’s valuable customers to understand their specific needs and tailor content that resonated with fleet operators.

This collaborative approach extended beyond traditional media. We understood the evolving influence of social media in the commercial vehicle industry, particularly the voices of truck drivers themselves.

8848 transformed MAN’s social media presence into a thriving online community. By crafting a distinct voice and personality for the brand across various platforms, we fostered significant engagement and follower growth:

  • Facebook likes soared by 99%
  • LinkedIn followers grew by 73%
  • Instagram followers experienced a remarkable 1344% increase
  • X followers jumped by 59%

However, our success wasn’t just measured in numbers. It was about transforming MAN’s online presence into a powerful tool for generating relevant website traffic. By strategically optimising content with SEO best practices, we turned press releases and case studies into ‘SEO-generating missiles,’ attracting target audiences and driving them to MAN’s website. Over a year, we secured a staggering 1200 pieces of press coverage, amplifying MAN’s brand message and cementing it as a leader in the UK commercial vehicle market.

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