Pro-Pak Foods

The challenge

Pro-Pak Foods, a leading UK manufacturer of ready meals, has established itself as a major player in the industry by supplying high-quality and innovative meals to both retail and food service businesses across the nation. With a workforce of 400 and a production exceeding 150,000 ready meals weekly, Pro-Pak Foods’ number one aim is to create delicious and convenient meals that closely resemble home-cooked food.

Recognising the company’s evolving identity and expanding product range, Pro-Pak Foods sought the expertise of 8848 to develop a fresh brand image that accurately reflects its journey and future aspirations.

How did we do?

8848 partnered with the Pro-Pak team to orchestrate a complete rebrand, infusing the brand with a modern and fresh aesthetic from the ground up.

Our collaboration included crafting a distinctive brand design, capturing new product photography, and redesigning packaging for two brand-new product lines.

Our impact extended beyond the visual. Recognising the importance of internal alignment, we provided ongoing support to refine and strengthen internal communications, fostering greater consistency and boosting employee engagement.

To further strengthen the rebrand’s impact, we also implemented a new social media strategy, focusing on enhancing employability opportunities within the local community.

This multifaceted approach ensured the rebrand transcended just a simple new look and feel, instead, we delivered a dynamic and engaged brand experience for both internal and external stakeholders.

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