Ricoh 3D

The challenge

While 2020 undeniably belonged to the frontline heroes who bravely faced COVID-19, it’s equally important to celebrate the unsung heroes: UK businesses who shifted gears, redirected resources, and joined the battle against the pandemic.

One such hero was Ricoh 3D. Instead of pursuing regular projects, they mobilized their entire workforce – engineers, designers, and production personnel – to manufacture tens of thousands of life-saving face shields for NHS workers every week.

Our mission? Amplify their story.

How did we do?

In the face of COVID-19’s overwhelming media landscape saturated with stories, 8848 successfully propelled Ricoh 3D’s message to the forefront.

Leveraging extensive media contacts, we ensured Ricoh’s work garnered national recognition through prominent placements on websites like Daily Mail and Sky News, reaching millions of viewers.

Regionally, we secured prime-time coverage on BBC Midlands Today, raising brand awareness for the Telford-based company. Additionally, targeted features in industry publications like Plastik Media, Production Engineering Solutions, and Medical Plastics News directly reached key decision-makers within Ricoh’s target audience.

The success extended to social media, where a 465% increase in follower growth across all channels translated into a significant rise in reach and engagement.

Furthermore, our digital team’s meticulous optimisation of Google Ads led to a 100% increase in conversions, with more users uploading 3D files for instant quotes.

By crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy during a period of significant uncertainty, 8848 ensured that Ricoh 3D remained at the forefront of relevant conversations, effectively engaging both their target audience and the general public.

As a complete marketing offering, at a time of major uncertainty and near complete lockdown for some businesses, 8848 has ensured that Ricoh 3D has stayed at the forefront of the agenda and maintained conversations with its target audience and the general public at large.

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