The challenge

Imagine you’re a high-end furniture maker, crafting pieces coveted across the nation. But the sale happens through a network of independent retailers – a fantastic reach, but a data disconnect. This was the situation Stressless faced back in 2009. Their challenge: harnessing valuable customer insights without direct sales data.

So, how do you unlock the secrets of who buys your brand when the final transaction happens elsewhere?

Fifteen years on, Stressless are still a client. Here’s the story of how we cracked their customer code, transforming data obscurity into a powerful strategic tool which still works today.

How did we do?

Stressless needed a data solution as unique as their furniture.  Our in-house development team forged a custom database and lead management system, acting as a central hub for every Stressless inquiry. This meant capturing everything from dealer locator requests to brochure enquiries and warranty registrations.

This bespoke system went beyond mere storage.  We transformed it into an analytical engine, allowing us to dissect and profile each Stressless lead.  The result? Laser-focused targeting. We could now reach the right customers, at the right time, and through the right channels, both online and offline.

This data-driven approach wasn’t just good for conversions.  Personalised brochures targeted only to high-potential leads meant a significant reduction in print costs.  Win-win for Stressless’s bottom line and the environment.

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