The Challenge

The allure of the open road and the freedom of self-contained travel has always been a draw, but the pandemic era sent motorhome popularity into overdrive. Travelworld, a leading dealer of luxury motorhomes, saw an unprecedented surge in demand, and they knew they needed a marketing strategy that could keep pace.

Enter 8848. We were tasked with helping Travelworld capitalise on this unique opportunity, leveraging our expertise in search engine optimisation, social media management, remarketing, and public relations.

Here’s how we helped Travelworld navigate the motorhome boom and cruise towards success.

How did we do?

Recognising that online research is paramount for first-time motorhome buyers, 8848 ensured Travelworld’s brand occupied a prominent position on Google and social media. This strategic approach yielded impressive results.

Social media boom

Our team’s expertise in crafting aspirational content (images, blogs) and employing proven paid advertising strategies led to a 14,000-user growth in Travelworld’s Facebook and Instagram audience, generating 18 million impressions and almost 500,000 engagements. Additionally, 74,000 landing page views on Travelworld’s website demonstrate the campaign’s effectiveness.

Maximising reach

We implemented remarketing campaigns to complement existing paid search efforts, generating over 1,000 vehicle sales enquiries across both new and second-hand markets. This, coupled with a 37% year-on-year increase in website visits, underscores the campaign’s success.

Content is king

High-quality, strategic content production was central to our strategy. We secured placements for Travelworld in key publications like Caravan Times, Practical Motorhomes, and local and business press titles, reaching over one million readers.

Award recognition

8848’s compelling award entry resulted in Travelworld’s first-ever business award for training excellence.

By implementing a comprehensive digital strategy, 8848 transformed Travelworld’s online presence, fuelled sales growth, and secured prestigious industry recognition, underlining its position as a leading name in the luxury motorhome market.

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