University of Wolverhampton

The challenge

The University of Wolverhampton, with a proud 190-year history and a global network of 146,000 alumni, sought a multi-faceted solution to elevate its brand reputation, showcase its alumni impact, enhance recruitment and boost community engagement.

8848 joined forces with the University of Wolverhampton to craft a hero campaign that ignited national and international recognition, propelling its reputation to new heights.

How did we do?

8848 created the “Every Story Has A Start” campaign, a multi-channel initiative amplifying the inspiring journeys of Wolverhampton alumni.

The campaign features high achievers from the world of literature, business, sport, film and the arts, including a New York Times bestselling author and a visual effects specialist with an Oscar-winning pedigree. The one thing all of them have in common is their University of Wolverhampton story.

The campaign was designed to have multi-channel reach – engaging video content, out-of-home marketing, targeted social media, website updates, and strategic marketing materials ensuring maximum audience reach.

Leveraging strategic storytelling and multi-channel communication, 8848’s campaign for the University of Wolverhampton demonstrates the power of targeted campaigns in enhancing brand reputation, attracting talent, and fostering a vibrant university community.

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